• Takashi Hongo


Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Jan, 2019. 当社は、株式会社シーベース(以下、 「シーベース」といいます。)の全株式を取得しましたのでお知らせします。

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired Cbase, inc in Japan as of 17th January, 2019.


Cbase, inc has provided many cloud HR survey such as ES survey cloud, compliance survey cloud, 360 survey cloud and MBO cloud. It has more than 3,500 clients so far including famous international large corporations such as FamilyMart, Sony Life and Benesse Holding.

展開しているクラウドシステムである、組織を可視化する「スマートレビュー」は、年間70万人以上、顧客満足度91.1%以上をを誇り、組織状態の把握、改善、定着率向上、多面評価、従業員満足度などの様々な定性・定量リサーチを15年以上実施をしている実績があります。また、クラウドアンケートシステム「Web リサーチプラス」は簡単なアンケートから複雑なアンケートまで様々なニーズに対応ができるフレキシブルなクラウドシステムであり、90%以上が複数年に渡り利用されています。

Its signature cloud software, SmartReview, has been provided to more than 700 thousands people annually and widely recognized by companies in Japan. With SmartReview, company executives can know the condition of its organization and get its retention rate improved. Also, its web survey software, Web Research+, has been used by its clients for multiple years with very good satisfaction rate.




Mr. Fukai, a CEO of Cbase, will keep staying in the same position and Mr. Yoshio Honjo, former director of PERSOL Holding, will be a vice chairman of board of directors. Takashi Hongo, a founding partner of Fringe Ventures, will be a chairman of board of directors. We, as a team, will work closely for the growth of Cbase in a form of management buyout.


We will add value to Cbase with strong knowledge of HR and IT. Also, Mr. Hongo's experience as a tech company founder and a software engineer will be widely adopted to the company. We'll dedicate to our society by providing cutting-edge software products and services to propose a way of working and living in this post-industry era.


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