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We help you to create innovative services and products with AI and Blockchain. Our methodology begins from business consulting to making minimum viable products with emerging technologies. We act like an intrepreneur to leverage your corporation.


PE Investment and DX


We focus on tech start-up businesses with emerging technologies who want to penetrate into Japanese market which is the 3rd largest economy in the world. We are professionals to HR Tech, Ed Tech and SaaS providers.  Also, we connect the technologies to companies in our portfolio to transform and revitalize them in order to thrive in the next generation. 


Founder's Profile

Founding Partner: Takashi Hongo

Fringe Ventures is an experienced partner for your business. He started his first HR Tech company and led it to a top-tier company in the Japanese market. After a decade contribution to his company, he sold his business to one of the biggest job board companies and founded Fringe Venture Limited in Hong Kong. He is an enthusiastic programmer of AI. He obtained a MBA degree at MIT Sloan and Master of Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. 


東京工業大学大学院経営工学修士。マサチューセッツ工科大学大学院スローンスクール経営管理学修士 (MBA)。

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